What People Are Prepping For in 2018

Social media can be good for various things.  You can connect with people who are interested in the same things you are, keep in touch with friends and family, or in my case take an informal poll of what people are prepping for.

Here’s what I posted to start the conversation:

What’s the most likely scenario(s) that you see causing you to go into emergency mode? Solar flare? Hackers bringing the grid down? Market meltdown? Big storm?

I’m curious as to what people are prepping for either specifically or generally. And you don’t have to have just one thing you’re prepping for like that prepper show that was on a few years ago.

I was expecting a few replies, but so far I’ve got 60 responses with lot of pretty good answers.  So what’s the list look like?  Check it out below.

EVENT                                                                            Number

Weather Events – Hurricane, tornado, blizzard, etc   18

Market Crash / Economic Collapse                                12

EMP/Hacker attack/Solar Flare/Grid Down                   9

Earthquake                                                                          7

Civil Conflict                                                                        7

Virus/Pandemi                                                                    5

Nuclear War                                                                        3

Yellowstone Caldera Erupting                                         3

Civil War/Martial Law                                                       3

Job Loss/Personal Injury                                                   2

Political Unrest                                                                    1

War                                                                                        1

Other People                                                                        1

Peak Oil                                                                                 1

Ecological Collapse                                                             1

And there you have it.  Personally I prepare for major storm events.  Living in the Northeast we’ve had a lot of pretty good blizzards lately and if anyone remembers the last big ice storm you’ll know it pays to be prepared.

That’s it.  What do you prep for?

-Jarhead Survivor

3 thoughts on “What People Are Prepping For in 2018

Add yours

  1. some things can’t be prepared for…
    I will be 62, at the end of this year. I can’t stay where I am if I lose my job or my health. top of my prepping actions now, is moving to a sustainable place.

    I may have to start looking for a respectable, replacement BOV. ours was completely immobilized last week by one tiny broken wire. we would have been cooked, if that had happened in the middle of an evacuation.

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  2. Finding a vehicle in this day and age can be incredibly expensive. I was looking at trucks and some of them start at $85 thousand! That’s more than my parents paid for their house back in the 70’s!!


  3. Hey Jarhead, just got around to checking this site, sorry. I’m a grid down/civil unrest/economic downturn kind of guy. that should cover most of my bases. Add into that stupid commies and the future looks bleak 🙂 That being said, everyday above ground is a good day.


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