Peurto Rico Aftermath – It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better

In case you've been on vacation at the bottom of the ocean with no Internet connection, two ridiculously big storms recently ran over Puerto Rico like a steamroller.  In the aftermath people are stuck without electricity - likely for months. In case you missed that let me say it again.  They will be without electricity... Continue Reading →

Are You Prepared? Mother Nature Has Been Nasty Lately!

In the last month we've seen three or four hurricanes come through and trash Texas, Florida, and a bunch of small islands including Puerto Rico in the Atlantic.  And just for kicks Mother Nature threw in an Earthquake in Mexico.  In case you haven't been paying attention you might want to start putting some canned... Continue Reading →

Bugging Out To The Wilderness

Is it possible to bug-out to the wilderness when disaster strikes?  To grab your bug-out bag and hit the woods to get away from whatever the world or society is throwing at you? The common consensus is that it can't be done.  Don't even try because you'll wind up a moldy corpse discovered ten years... Continue Reading →

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