Purifying Water In the Wilderness

After shelter water is the most important thing to acquire when surviving in the wilderness.  It used to be that there was plenty of fresh water safe to drink, but due to pollution and other man-made trouble very little water out there is safe to drink straight from the stream without being purified or filtered.... Continue Reading →

Three Tweaks to Make Your Poncho Lean-To Better

Preppers love to post about how to make a lean-to with their poncho, but here's a little piece of knowledge not communicated too often: the lean-to isn't that great a shelter.  It's open to the wind and if you set it up wrong the rain can blow right into your shelter making for a long... Continue Reading →

The Survival Rule of Three’s

One of the most important survival concepts out there that can help guide you through a survival situation is the Survival Rule of Three's.  These aren't actual rules mind you - think of them as survival guidelines or how you should direct your activities when lost in the wilderness. The Rules look like this: You... Continue Reading →

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