A Brief History of Prepping

In the not-so-distant past growing, processing, and storing vegetables and grains, raising animals, and hunting was how we survived.  Sometimes we had to pick up a spear, sword, musket, or whatever we had for weapons at the time and fight off people who wanted our land and food, or to kill our families. A Brief... Continue Reading →

Will The Negan’s Take Over After TSHTF?

Recently I polled a Facebook group asking about bug-out vs bug-in.  The overwhelming response was that people wanted - or had to - bug-in.  Wanted to because it's the smart thing to do, or had to because of physical issues. But one interesting person wrote back saying they believe that in parts of the country... Continue Reading →

A Frank Discussion About Prepping

If you're reading this the chances are good you've given some thought to SHTF events and how you'll get you and your family through a myriad of possible events.  In my mind the biggest question is: "Are we prepping for nothing?" Is there really a chance society could collapse and cause a SHTF event of... Continue Reading →

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