Five More Pieces Of Gear That Will Help You Survive

In the last post we talked about the first 5 C's of Survival developed by Dave Canterbury, which is criteria for gear you should always have in your pack.  In this article I'm going to discuss the next 5 C's. In brief here are the 10 C's of Survival:  Cutting tool Combustion Cover Container Cordage... Continue Reading →

Survival Gear – Five Items That Could Save Your Life

If you're a minimalist day-hiker there's a few pieces of gear you should take with you that will help assure your survival if you get lost.  These items are something you should carry with you all the time whether you're four-wheeling, snowmobiling (I keep mine in my saddlebag on my snowmobile), or just out for... Continue Reading →

Survival Gear – Camping Stoves

Being able to survive with only minimal gear is a good skill to have; but it's not all that fun if you're used to the luxury of a house.  Having gear with you when you enter the woods for a backwoods camping trip or bug-out is necessary, but what to take?  With the bewildering array of... Continue Reading →

Gear Review – Fatwood Firesteel

It’s always cool when some smart guy combines a great piece of equipment with something that makes total sense.  Take for instance the fire steel with a fatwood handle.  Yep, you heard that right.  A fella named Jon Bressler did just that and sent me one for review. As soon as it arrived I grabbed... Continue Reading →

The Survival Rule of Three’s

One of the most important survival concepts out there that can help guide you through a survival situation is the Survival Rule of Three's.  These aren't actual rules mind you - think of them as survival guidelines or how you should direct your activities when lost in the wilderness. The Rules look like this: You... Continue Reading →

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