Will The Negan’s Take Over After TSHTF?

Recently I polled a Facebook group asking about bug-out vs bug-in.  The overwhelming response was that people wanted – or had to – bug-in.  Wanted to because it’s the smart thing to do, or had to because of physical issues.


But one interesting person wrote back saying they believe that in parts of the country there is a concerted effort of a group or groups to take over after TSHTF.  We’ve all heard about people who’s idea of prepping is to gather as many guns and as much ammo as they can so that when the lights go out and society breaks down they’ll head out on marauding parties to take over.

The person who wrote the comment seemed to be intelligent and was an excellent writer and made a pretty good case for their argument.  How true it is remains to be seen, but I worked with a guy a few years ago who actually told me, “I don’t have to prep.  When shit goes south I’m going to get my guns and come to your house.”  That was an eye opening conversation and I think he was full shit, but it did prove to me that there are folks out there who’s idea of prepping is to load up and go after the sheep who have lots of food and water, but no – or few – guns.

I had to look up who Negan was and it turns out that in the series “The Walking Dead” there’s a character who has formed a gang based on strength and intimidation who takes from others.

Negan is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead and in the television series of the same name. He is the leader of a group of roughly 1,000 survivors in the Sanctuary, called the Saviors, a group that enslaves other survivor communities, and forces them to pay tribute to him.


I only watched a few episodes after it came out before losing interest so I never saw him, but this dynamic is played out again and again in popular fiction and should be examined to see if it contains a kernel of truth.


In a true long-term, grid down, SHTF event one of the most important things you’ll need is a community of people – a tribe if you will – to share labor and security with.  The lone wolf in this situation will likely look like an easy target to a stronger force.

But the question at hand is are there folks out there right now who think that they can use their guns to take from others if there’s some kind of TEOTWAWKI event?  I would say that with the number of guns and gun owners in the United States, and having personally talked with people whose idea of prepping is to stock up on guns and ammo and to go marauding when they get hungry, not unlike modern day vikings, that it’s likely there are at least pockets of survivalists  out there who think this might be a good way to “take over.”

The next question is, “Have these people organized?”

With the Internet being what it is today I would have to say, “Why not?”  I know that there are plenty of militias out there (no – I have nothing against militias) who get together and train and are fairly well organized.  If these people who think of themselves as patriots can get together and get organized why can’t a group of “Negan-ites” get together and do the same?

Well, they could.  If they actually are doing that is another question, but I believe there are enough people in the world out there who could form their own communities with a core philosophy based on taking from others to survive.

One thing’s for certain.  There’s a lot of hate out there.


Another thing to think about is gangs, which I think are a very real threat.  In addition to the various “city” gangs there’s also white supremacists and other groups who have potential to cause problems once they realize there’s no one around to enforce the law.

I’ll write more about this particular threat later.

Will Negan Take Over?

At this point I want to  recap and answer the Negan question.  We talked about how some individuals plan for TEOTWAWKI is to store guns and ammo so they can take what they want from others who aren’t prepared.  For a long time I thought that people would do good things for each other after a disaster, which they might for a period of time; however, I think that if it goes on long enough there is the potential for Negan-like behavior to surface.

You should at least consider this type of scenario when prepping.  If you live near a city or large urban area you may be at more risk of gangs and marauders trying to live off the backs of others.

Is this possible near where you live?

Questions? Comments?

Sound off below!

-Jarhead Survivor



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  1. it wouldn’t hold our attention, if it didn’t have a slight ring of the Truth to it. most of the folks we know are too decent to kill bad guys, pre-emptively… how did so many wind up on their knees, without a .32 or even a.25 ACP to stop Nagin, in mid soliloquy?


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