Are You Prepared? Mother Nature Has Been Nasty Lately!

In the last month we’ve seen three or four hurricanes come through and trash Texas, Florida, and a bunch of small islands including Puerto Rico in the Atlantic.  And just for kicks Mother Nature threw in an Earthquake in Mexico.  In case you haven’t been paying attention you might want to start putting some canned food and other goods aside just in case she decides to hit your area next.

Here in Maine the biggest concern is snowstorms and ice storms.  Either one can put a serious crimp in your day and it really pays to be as prepared as you can.  Even a little bit of preparedness is better than nothing; however, if you can set aside a month’s worth of food and other perishables you’ll be in much better shape after a large disaster.

What else could possibly happen right now?  One of my big fears at the moment is a financial collapse brought about the manipulation of the stock market.  The gap keeps getting wider between the rich and the poor and eventually something has got to give.  They can’t keep inflating the market the way they have been and not expect the bubble to pop.  When it does I suspect it will be spectacular and it would be smart to have some food, water, money, gas, and a few other items in stock… just in case.

Even if you don’t believe in a large scale societal crash doesn’t it make sense to have enough food and water on-hand to feed your family for a week in case something happens?  Don’t do it for you – do it for your kids, or parents, or whoever you might responsibility for.  Have a sick family member that requires electricity to stay alive?  Hope you have a good generator as a backup.

Not sure what exaclty to prep or how to do it?  Check out this post at SHTFBlog for details.

The time to do these things is now before the storm comes and not waiting in line for the last can of beans as a hurricane barrels down on you.

How about it?

Are you ready for trouble?

-Bob Augustine

6 thoughts on “Are You Prepared? Mother Nature Has Been Nasty Lately!

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  1. found out another one of my water storage jugs leaked…
    I will phase out that type before it happens again. the “boss” sent me
    out for a bunch of canned goods, last week. now I think I need a better shotgun and then we should be set for a while.


      1. I was using the 6 gallon blue Reliance “aqua-tainer” jugs.
        I bought the older style, with the screw down vent cap.

        the design suggests that they are “stackable” but they are too thin to stack with water in them. (that was the original failure I had with them several years ago)

        this one was just off by itself, and managed to leak.

        these would be great on a picnic, I would recommend them for that. I think I’ll replace these with spring water
        in “carboy” containers for short term storage. that suggests
        prepared, without screaming “prepper”.


      2. after the first water jug mishap, I stopped buying the aqua-tainer’s and bought a number of Blitz 50863 jugs.

        so far, these are holding up nicely. US milsurp containers would be even more better, but I don’t have a local source for them yet…
        I bought the Blitz jugs at K-Mart. (most of the K-Mart stores down here have closed)


      3. of course, I didn’t think about BPA while I was thinking about water bottles…

        my Dad had the right idea. back in 1963 he got glass spring water jugs. Unfortunately I lost them when the house was sold last year.


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