Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living

Becker BK-2
K-Bar Becker BK-2. One of my favorite knives.

Awhile back I had the opportunity to go to a class held by the Maine Primitive Skills School.  (MPSS).

There were four people in the class and Mike – the owner of the school – was the instructor for us.  It was a fantastic experience.  I’ve been in the outdoors my whole life and I love it.  I have solid survival skills, have done lots of back country hiking and camping, can navigate with a map and compass, and generally enjoy the challenges of being outside.  Having said that I knew that I had a few gaps in my skills and I was hoping MPSS would help me gain the skills I was looking for.

Luckily I wasn’t disappointed.

The basic format of the school is that you sit through a short class where they talk about the skills you’re about to learn with a dose of philosophy sometimes thrown in, then out into the field for hours of excellent hands-on training.  My biggest take-away from the school was building my own bow drill set and starting a fire with it.  That alone was well worth the cost of the class (about $210 for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.)

Ro shooting the wrist rocket at a target
Ro shooting the wrist rocket at a target


Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival isn’t for everybody.  Hell, it isn’t for most people in this day and age, but I feel strongly that most folks should have at least some ideas of how to take care of themselves if they ever find themselves lost while hiking, or if their GPS takes them out in the woods and they get stuck.

In the following posts we’ll discuss how to survive in the wilderness if this happens and I’ll give you some tips and tricks and a priority list of the things you need to be doing in order to survive.

Stay tuned and I’ll be updating soon.


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